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Lauren King ’16

This week’s Campus Celeb blew everyone at HamTrek away by her amazing time! Meet the top female individual finisher, Lauren!

Name: Lauren King

Year: 2016

Prospective Major: Chem/Biochem/Math/anything lightsider-esque

Relationship Status: On the prowl and/or single and ready to mingle

Congrats on winning HamTrek! What kind of training did you go through to get to this point?

Mainly swimming with all my awesome swimmer teammates and cycling to enjoy the good weather… oh wait we only had one week of good weather!

What was your biggest motivation?

Running in to my best friend Katherine’s arms at the end! Needed to have a photo finish ;)

You broke the course record by 5 minutes, were you expecting to do this well?

I honestly didn’t think I would, but Stephen Wright (shoutout!) told me he expected me to go a 1:02 so I guess I had to live up to the expectations of the famous Triathlete/HamTrek Winner/Best Senior Ever!

What was your favorite leg of the race and why?

I loved the bike, mainly because it was a beautiful day and you actually get to move somewhere at a good speed.  I love the feeling of the wind in your face on a straightaway and the burn of lactic acid in your legs.

What is next for Lauren King?

Interning at the Utica Zoo this summer while swimming and training/competing in a few triathlons in the area.  #zoolivin #sealions #pooperscooper

Katherine is currently a sophomore at Hamilton College. She loves her school, penguins, dancing and is always down for a good adventure.
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