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How to Un-SWUG

Nobody is a stranger to the SWUG phenomena, especially the SWUGs themselves.  As a
SWUG’s senior year fades away so does her motivation to do, well, just about anything 
at all.  The swuggle is real so here are some tips on how to get out, be productive, and 
have fun!
1. Use your old(er) age to an advantage!  Go explore that new classy wine bar down 
in town with your friends.  Who knows?  Maybe, just maybe, getting dressed up 
and going to a wine bar is more fun than drinking wine and watching Netflix by 
your lonesome.
2. This is your last hoorah.  Make a list of everything you want to do before you 
graduate and then DO IT!  Go to every restaurant, store, movie theatre, froyo 
place you possibly can.  The real world is going to keep you busy so now is the 
time to finally go to that local artisanal cheese store you’ve put off going to for 4 
years.  Besides, who doesn’t like cheese?
3. As much as they don’t want to admit it, SWUGS will eventually graduate and be 
real people.  Instead of wallowing on the couch drinking endless glasses of Merlot 
and Chardonnay, be productive!  You can still sit on the couch, but make sure to 
check out indeed.com or monster.com to search for a potential career.  
4.  Get that dream bod!  It’s not easy but GO TO THE GYM! Not only will you get 
exercise, but you’ll also get the chance to catch up on your favorite show – best of 
both worlds #amiright?
5. Ditch the groutfit (it won’t be easy).  When you look good, you feel good.  Wake 
up every morning and wear that new shirt you’ve been dying to wear or that cool 
scarf you got for the holidays.  Just because you’re a SWUG doesn’t mean you 
can’t look good!
Talia Levine is a sophomore at Hamilton College. She is from Long Island, New York but recently moved to Brooklyn. Talia is a hispanic studies major and anticipates going abroad to Madrid next spring.
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