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How to Survive the Rest of the Winter

How to Survive the Rest of the Winter

At this point in the winter, the weather really starts to get old – if it hasn’t already. Winter break and all the fun winter holidays are over, and now between your wet hair freezing on your way to class and your favorite boots getting covered in dirty slush, you’re probably ready for Spring. However, we’ve got lots of snow and below-freezing temperatures to go, so let’s enjoy it.


Drink as many hot drinks as possible. Hot chocolate. Tea. Hot chocolate with marshmallows. Various coffees. Aside from the love you may or may not have felt on Valentine’s Day, nothing but a hot drink can make you feel quite as warm and fuzzy inside, and it never feels better than when it’s cold and windy outside.


Catch snowflakes on your tongue. Yes, you are a college student. No, that does not mean you shouldn’t act like a child. After a long day of adult responsibilities, let yourself enjoy a snowfall. You can even spin around a few times if you’re feeling extra capricious.


Wear all the sweaters. This one doesn’t need much explanation. You know what to do, and you look great.


Watch lots of movies. We all know it’s way too cold to venture outside except when absolutely necessary, so it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on Netflix shows or re-watch that favorite childhood movie you’ve been thinking about lately. 


If you can’t resist hibernation, I promise your friends will still love you in the Spring. Your professors, maybe not… Stay warm, and try to avoid the plague that’s been working its way around campus. HCXO 

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