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Hamilton Networking at its Finest: A Hamilton Alum interviews another Hamilton Alum!

This past February, a groundbreaking interview occurred: Hamilton graduate Richard Bernstein ’80 interviewed fellow Hamilton graduate Ambassador Edward S. Walker. Jr ’62 (not to be confused with the Edward Walker that invented the lava lamp) on CNBC’s special State of the Union program.  Having been the United States ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (1989-1992), Egypt (1994-97), Israel (1997-99), the United States representative in the United Nations, along several other international positions of authority, Walker has had a huge presence in the media, especially because of the turmoil in the Middle East.  In fact, 22 Hamilton Students were lucky enough to partake in his seminar on international deplomacy.

The media attention as well as his on campus presence shows the immense opportunity offered by a Hamilton education.  So, if any of you collegiettes™ are having trouble motivating yourselves to study for finals this week, remember that you can achieve big things if you choose a field you are truly passionate about.  (It also wouldn’t hurt to pay a visit to Professor Walker’s office before his visiting semester is up. . . )

To view the interview, click here!

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