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FebFest Review

FebFest Review

Hamilton’s FebFest is an annual affair that promises both students and faculty alike a week of fun-filled activities. This year, the past seven days were scheduled with different events to cater to any need one might have, such as chocolate and cheese tasting on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon in the Sadove living room, and Black Light Sledding on Sunday night. As my first FebFest ever, I have no other years to compare this to – but, as a fresh face on campus, I can definitely say this opened me up to some new experiences.


One FebFest event was the well-attended and well-performed Mr. Hamilton contest. Men from far and wide on campus came to compete for the title, each representing a different organization. The groups included the Philanthropy Committee, The Buffers, The Culinary Society, and more. Each contestant competed back to back in three rounds: formal wear, talent, and the question panel.


How can I surmise this unique event to people who didn’t attend? Well, for one: stripping. A lot of it. Of course, all the ladies in the first ten rows were beside themselves, pandemonium ensuing every time another contestant reached for the buttons on his shirt. I myself was hit in the face with a flying suit jacket. I didn’t mind. There were screams for other contestants who chose to stay clothed – for example, Mr. Track, who gave such a good rendition of Frank Sinatra that I thought he was lip-syncing. There were the talents that drew upon a mix of both sexy and functional. For example, Mr. HOC proceeded to “pitch a tent” to The Weeknd. And by pitch a tent, I mean he actually set up a full functioning tent in the span of one song while wearing a dress fit for a small tween. Of course, the night was an overall success; Mr. HOC took home the gold crown and roses (as well as $100 in cash!), and the entry fee everyone paid went to help Alternative Spring Break do what they do best – make the world a better place. Afterwards, late night breakfast was served in Commons from 10:30pm – 11:30pm, perfectly ending the night.


If you didn’t go to Mr. Hamilton this year, don’t worry – it was a complete success, meaning it should be back again next year. Now, unlike me, you know exactly what to expect before walking into it. Looking back, as this week draws to a close, the only thing I might change about FebFest would be this: make it longer!


P.S. Thank you to the Social Traditions Committee for putting together this incredible week for all of us to enjoy. Your hard work was greatly appreciated.

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