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Dirty Talk: 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Scenario 1: It’s Friday night and you’re feeling good at a bundy party. You’re searching the crowd, looking for the one too hook up with tonight. You two lock eyes and make some small talk only before you head back to his or her room. You two do the deed and the morning after, you wake up not feeling regret or hung over, but disappointed because the sex was not that great. You sneak out of the room leaving unsatisfied and hoping the next encounter will be better.

Scenario 2: You and you’re boyfriend or girlfriend have been together for a while now and the sex is good, but not great. It seems to be lacking a certain excitement like there once was when the two of you started dating. But instead of doing something about it, you let the boring sex continue. 

Ladies, how many times are we going to be left feeling unsatisfied? Aren’t you tired of being bored with your sex life? Well, I’ve found 5 solutions for you. Whether you are in a long-term relationship or playing the field, these 5 tips will get you and your man or woman riled up!

1. TAKE IT OUTSIDE. Having sex in a bedroom can get pretty boring, pretty fast. To solve this problem, do it in unexpected places (bonus points if you do it in a place where you can easily get caught!). Let your imagination run wild: do it on the golf course, in a bathroom, on the roof of Eells, or if you’re really bold, on Martin’s Way. Note: this last one might have to be a quickie!


Do a little role-playing. Whether it’s a doctor and nurse, Ron and Hermonie, teacher and student, boss and secretary is up to you! You can start it off by saying, “Oh Doctor, I’ve been experiencing some pain in my chest area. Could you check me, uh I mean it, out for me?” You’ll be surprised how quickly you both get into it!

3. BARK BARK. Give doggie style a try! I know that we, as girls, are supposed to find this position “degrading” since your partner is not looking at your face. It doesn’t have to be seen as degrading. Plus, once you get over that, you can have the best sex of your life. No position compares, so ladies, don’t take it offensively – embrace DOGGIE!


Give sexting a try. It can be exhilarating and funny! At a random time during the day, sext your man. What you choose to sext is up to you, but here is a suggestion: “I’m all alone in my bed…completely naked…join me?”


Have fun with edibles! Get a bottle of whipped cream, some strawberries, chocolate sauce, and let the yummy fun begin. Be creative with the places you put your edibles! You’ll be amazed at how delicious sex can taste!


Soozy Adelman is a junior at Hamilton College. She is a Sociology Major, and Government Minor.
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