Andrew Gibeley '16

Did you love seeing SNL's Kate McKinnon during Feb Fest 2014?  Meet Andrew Gibeley '16, the reason you were able to see her!

Name: Andrew Gibeley

Class Year: 2016
Major: Creative Writing
Hometown: Simsbury, CT
CAB Position: Comedy Coordinator
What was your involvement with FebFest this year?
For this year’s FebFest, I was in charge of coordinating the comedy show featuring Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon. I was responsible for everything from booking her with the agent back in September to cleaning out her dressing room after the show. 
What was your favorite part of this year's FebFest?
My favorite part was absolutely getting to work with someone as hilarious and easy-going as Kate. I never thought I could secure someone of such high comedic status, or that such a big celebrity would be so low maintenance! It was also amazing to get to drive her to and from her hotel in my mom’s old minivan. I will certainly always remember those car-ride convos. 
What does CAB have planned for the rest of the semester? 
Big stuff! In my department, we have two more comedy shows coming up: one on Saturday, March 8 and another onSaturday, April 19. Although they may not be as a big as Kate McKinnon, I promise they will be great shows! We have an excellent movie line-up including Gravity and Frozen, special events including a bus trip to NYC to see Les Mis on April 20, as well as some awesome concerts and acoustic coffeehouses which unfortunately I’m not at liberty to reveal right now. Everyone check your [email protected] magnets for a full list of the semester’s events!
If you could bring any performer to Hamilton, whom would you bring?
I desperately tried to get stand-up comedian and Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney, whose comedy I’ve loved for years, but sadly it didn’t work out. I also would like to bring Tig Notaro—maybe next year! In terms of bands, I would kill to bring Passenger or The Lumineers for a coffeehouse, and Matchbox Twenty or OneRepublic for concerts. If you haven’t listened to their new albums, do it right now!