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4 Ideas for Galentine’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hamilton chapter.

Parks and Recreation introduced the fantastic idea of Galentine’s Day: a holiday near Valentine’s Day to celebrate female friendships rather than romantic relationships. You may not have the time, money, or never-ending motivation of Leslie Knope to plan a huge brunch and make a myriad of handmade gifts for your friends, but there are still some easy and fun ways to show your friends (regardless of gender) that you care: 

1. Give them punny valentines

Remember back in elementary school when everyone in the class would bring valentines for everyone else? That was so cute! Bring back some nostalgia by buying cheap mass-produced but fun valentines and some yummy candy, or make some cards yourself with index cards or sticky notes. Impress your friends with advanced humor like “whale you be my valentine” or “some bunny loves you.” 

2. Spread the love

Either by organizing in advance or by gathering everyone together at the same time, designate a card or piece of paper to each of your friends and have everyone write down something nice about each other friend. Then all your friends (and you) will be able to take home something with a bunch of compliments on it! You can choose to make it anonymous or not, whatever floats your boat. 

3. Bake together

Heart-shaped or pink/red/purple-colored treats are perfect for V-Day! Baking is a super fun thing to do with one or more friends  — you can get all goofy and throw flour at each other, but also feel productive because you’re making something. Best of all, when you’re done you get something delicious.

4. Throw a party

Again, you don’t have to go all out, but Galentine’s Day is a great excuse to get together and have fun. Watch a movie (rom-com or otherwise), eat some snacks, play games, whatever! You can choose to pick up or make a few things and go super on-theme, or just take the time to hang out and relax. You could even make valentines together. 

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