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10 Things Freshmen do the First Month of College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hamilton chapter.


  1. Go to the wrong “Root” building
  2. Walk way deeper into the woods than they need to in order to smoke weed
  3. Underestimate how long it will take to find their classroom in KJ
  4. Get an unexplained rash
  5. Download Venmo
  6. Have a mini panic attack when they transport alcohol across campus for the first time
  7. Realize they didn`t pack enough T-shirts  
  8. Have a nice stress-cry on the 3rd floor of the library
  9. Not save their syllabi, only to realize that not all professors post them on blackboard
  10. Gain the Freshmen 15 from literally just eating Mod Sticks
Emma Ritz

Hamilton '20

Emma Ritz is a Junior at Hamilton College in New York, majoring in world politics.