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Vegan? Try these sites for recipes, info and a whole lot more!

So I’m sure alot of you read the word “vegan” and thought “what is this girl thinking?”. Well, I’ve decided to pick up veganism (I may have made that word up). No, I am not against using animals for food (I love my Dad’s steak more than anything in the world), and it’s not that I am lactose intolerant and vegetarian. I just need a little routine in my life, and the only way I’ll be able to find that among the stresses of finals and running errands and wrapping up before the summer is if I am forced to take time and actually cook something. Enough with the clif bars, I need actual food. Though, I’m still not sure if tofu counts yet. However, I don’t mind it so far and I’m getting used to it. I don’t hate it.

One of my friends has been vegan for, I think, about two or three years now, so I snagged some good sites off her facebook page. If you’re already vegan then you might be familiar with these. If not, and you’re just feeling adventurous, give them a shot! 



She Knows: Miso Vegan

Skinny Bitch

The last one is my favorite. Bon [vegan] appetit!

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