Top Five Coffee Shops Near Campus

It’s the question that plagues the hearts and minds of every college-age student in the nation, the one debate that doesn’t find itself on the presidential stage however it is, arguably, just as important. Which reigns supreme, Peets or Starbucks? I wholeheartedly believe it is Peets, my coffee expertise, and I that are fully willing to die on that hill. But if neither of those chains are your speed or if you are looking to find something new, check out this list for some cute coffee shops where you can finish up that UW assignment you’ve been putting off. 


Bourbon Coffee:

Arguably one of my favorite cafés for when I’m looking for a fun latte, this place is the perfect vibe for those who like studying with a healthy amount of background noise. Choose from a wide selection of smoothies, pastries, or bagels. Sip on a macadamia nut mocha or a honey cinnamon latte (my personal favorite) and kick back in the comfy seating.

Suggested Sip → Honey Cinnamon Latte with almond milk and extra foam



Coming from California, I was unfamiliar with this New York chain, but once I wandered upon the shop a few blocks from campus I, for the first time, realized how much I had been missing out. Gregory himself is a vegan, so a lot of the specialty drinks and pastries don’t contain dairy. Try their Nu brew (Nutella cold brew) or their Honey badger (honey and almond milk) and snack on a cranberry coconut scone to feel energized and ready to take on the day. Also, if you follow their Instagram, they often post about daily deals ($1 latte, yes please!!) and new coffees. 

Suggested Sip → Maple Latte 



A gem imported fresh from the west coast, Philz coffee is a shop like no other. Don’t be nervous for your first time, since the method of ordering is a little different. Enter in and step into line and wait until a barista calls you up. Order your drink to the barista (i.e. regular gingersnap), if you want it with cream and sugar ask for it sweet and creamy (or with almond milk, soy milk, etc…). Then go to the cashier, let them know what you ordered, pay, and awkwardly stand around until your specific barista finishes your drink and calls you up. Say thank you, sit down in one of the aesthetically decorated couches, and enjoy!

Suggested Sip → Mint Mojito, sweet and creamy, with Almond milk



Sami’s Coffee Kiosk:

Located a quick two-block walk west from The Thurston Hall, this kiosk’s hours can be found on Sami’s twitter (@SamiSitRep), normally 10:00 am - 3:30 pm. While the coffee selection itself is relatively average (vanilla lattes, almond milk available, cold brew, etc…) the best part is definitely Sami himself. He serves everything with a smile and an amazing attitude. Trust me on this, nothing hits harder than a nice man telling you good morning and handing you a latte during your post-Sigma Apple Pie party hangover headache. 

Suggested Sip → Vanilla latte, almond milk, extra foam


Bluestone Lane:

While GWorld claims it succeeds in filling up our stomach, the various restaurants have a tendency to not be as adapted to fill up our visual appetite. Bluestone lane is easily one of the cutest cafés/brunch spots near Foggy. Whether you want a beetroot latte or a bowl of veggies, quinoa, and a poached egg, this is the perfect place to go on a nice Sunday morning when you feel like finally going on that Brunch date you’ve been talking about. 

Suggested Sip → Oat Milk Cappuccino