A Review of Netflix's You

If you haven’t watched season 2 of Netflix’s original series You, bravo. You’re probably the only person who hasn’t seen it. I’m not gonna lie, a big part of the reason I started the show was because of the main actor, Penn Badgley, who you probably know as Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl. 

What can I say about You... hmm it’s pretty freaking strange. I mean, I did binge-watch all of season 2 in a week, but it doesn’t mean I wasn’t creeped out. If you haven't watched season 1 or 2 of You, basically there is this guy Joe Goldbery who becomes obsessed, and I mean obsessed, with a woman, navigates his way into her life, begins dating her, and stalks her while killing many people along the way. He knows where she is at every moment, what she is doing and who she is doing it with. He goes full-on stalker mode. Get this — Joe’s genius disguise in which his love interest never seems to notice him in is a hat. Yup, a hat. It’s like Joe puts on this hat, and somehow he becomes invisible.


Anyway, I personally liked the first season way better. I felt like there was more suspense and drama, but the plot twist at the end of season 2 did intrigue me. I won’t spoil what happened, but let’s just say things take a surprising turn in the second to last episode of the season. It caught me off guard and seemed a little unrealistic to me. But, let’s be real, it’s a TV show the whole plot isn’t going to be totally realistic. Overall, You managed to keep me watching for 2 seasons with my hands covering my eyes and my jaw-dropping at the bizarre scenarios. If you enjoy thrillers, want to be on the edge of your seat, and don’t get easily freaked out, I recommend watching You.