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Somehow, you’ve managed to make it through midterms alive- hooray! How has half a semester already flown by? The weeks leading up to Spring break bring both excitement and stress. I followed these six simple steps to reduce my stress and do better on exams:


1. Make connections within your class: Chances are, a majority of students in your class feel the same way about the midterm exams that you do, so make sure you befriend at least three students in your class to make a conjoined study guide. Studying with a focused group of students will give each of you the advantage of shared knowledge to ensure that you won’t miss any key topic.

2. Take a break: Take advantage of our #onlyatGW location! Walk a few extra blocks to the White House or take a run down to Georgetown! Taking a breath of fresh air and listening to soothing music can boost your mood exponentially.

3. Only study what’s important: Time management is the most important when it comes to last minute studying. Don’t study hard, study smart. Note what your professor stressed on in lectures and scratch the finite details. Prioritize the major concepts rather than spending valuable time on the specifics.

4. Create a self-reward system: Finish that math problem you’ve been stuck on for hours? Complete your Poli-Sci study guide? Reward yourself with a coffee or some retail therapy!

Creating a reward system will train your body to looking forward to completing each task you have set ahead for yourself.

5. No Phones Allowed: Personally, I find it best when I delete all social media apps the week before exams so I feel most focused on my tasks ahead of me. I find that a five minute “phone break” can easily turn to an hour long one. Instagram will always be there, but the opportunity to show your knowledge will not.

6. Call a friend: It always helps to call a friend or family member when the stress gets tough to tackle. Hearing from someone who loves you and wants you to succeed will remind you that you’re not alone.

Remember, You Got This!: This is definitely the hardest thing for me to tackle. Like many students, I compare myself to my peers instead of focusing on the knowledge that I already possess. Remember, there’s a reason why you’re in college! You’re just as hardworking, smart, and deserving of a good grade as the next student.




Sarah is a freshman at GW studying Economics and she is originally from Braintree, Massachusetts. She is part of the GW club rowing team, GW Laughs, GW Catholics, GW Women in Business, and of course, Her Campus! She is a huge history buff and loves running every Morning at the monuments.
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