Paul Jorgensen '18

Meet this week’s campus celebrity cutie, Paul Jorgensen! This rising star athlete is down-to-earth, ambitious, and should be full of surprises in the coming years. Wave hi when you see him, and don’t miss your chance to meet this celebrity cutie!

Name: Paul Jorgensen

Year: 2018

Hometown: New City, New York

Major: Political science

Minor: Communications

Campus activities: GW Men’s Varsity Basketball

Relationship status: Single


(Photo Courtesy of Getty Images)

How does it feel to be this week’s campus celebrity-cutie?

“It’s pretty cool. I didn’t even know it was a thing until I got it, so it feels nice. It’s cool.”

What been your greatest moment on the basketball team so far?

“Beating UVA earlier this year. They were number six in the country at the time, so the game was on ESPN and national TV. That was really exciting.”

What’s your greatest GW moment off the court?

“I like being in the nation’s capital because I’m interested in politics, so what better place to be? Especially with the elections coming up and the debates, it’s always the topic of conversation. I like to be around the intelligent people. Well, some are not, but they’re all knowledgeable. Going to the monuments is also cool, and I like to do some sightseeing. It’s historic, you know, the old buildings. That stuff is cool.”

You’re only a sophomore. What do you expect from yourself in the coming years?

“Just keep growing as a person – become more mature every year because after these two years you’re gonna step into the real world, which is much different from college. Make many connections and friends. Enjoy it. You don’t get the college experience back. In regard to basketball, I expect to keep improving and step into a leadership role where I’m seen as the face of the organization.”

How do you manage your time?

“Coming in, I was shocked with how much work there was. I didn’t know how to handle my time. What I’ve been doing better is that I try to get a good night sleep, if possible. I don’t have much time to take naps. In between classes, I try to eat – well, I have to. It’s class to class, then practice. I’m not a big schedule guy, but I just get my stuff done as quickly as possible.”

What is it like to have people recognize you on the streets of campus?

“It’s nice, it’s cool. Most of the time people say, 'Paul, good game,' and stuff like that. I guess you have to be careful about what you do. But it’s nice. Players at Duke and Kentucky are treated like gods, but here, it’s good to still have a normal experience.”

Favorite basketball players:

“Steve Nash and Kyrie Irving”

What are your hobbies off the court?

“I like to play video games (FIFA and 2K are my favorites), [and] hang out with friends. I also love to play ping pong.”

What’s the first thing you notice in a girl?

“The first thing I notice is her smile.”

Turn-ons, turn-offs?

“I don’t like when girls are stuck up and superficial. I like down-to-earth girls that you’re able to have a normal conversation with. I like when girls know sports a little bit so I can relate to them more. As far as appearance goes, I like good teeth?”

Best pick-up line:

“'Hey, you look familiar.' Then you get denied and you introduce yourself and you get the conversation started. But I’m just a chill dude. I’m shy, I’m not the most ‘out there’ person.”

3 words that best describe you:

“Caring, nice, loving.”

Describe your dream date.

“I’m not the romantic type, but probably on the beach at some sick island. I love beaches, so a tropical beach where you get to go out to dinner and look at the ocean. The view is everything. If I’m a millionaire one day, I’m gonna buy a house on a tropical island and that’s what I’m gonna do.”

Guilty pleasure?

“Ben and Jerry’s half-baked ice-cream. It’s too good. I can eat the entire pint in 30 minutes, quick. Once I start, I can’t stop. I have a real sweet tooth, too. I can’t pace myself. I don’t know how people can just have half and put it away. I have to eat the whole thing.”

Fun fact:

“I can eat chicken parm at any time of the day for any meal.”

Celebrity crush:

“Kate Upton”