Number One Fashion Trend for Spring: Joggers!

After what felt like the longest winter ever, spring is finally here! The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom in sunny DC and the tourists are out. Aside from the beautiful weather, my favorite parts about spring are the fashion trends. A trend that I see repeatedly every season but is a must have for spring are JOGGERS! No I’m not talking about the pants you put on before you workout, I’m talking about the comfortable, versatile and stylish pants that appear in the picture of me below. These pants are similar to leggings because they become narrow at the bottom, but they are not body-hugging whatsoever like leggings tend to be. Instead, they are loose at the top.

Below is a list of reasons for why these pants are a must-have for spring outfits.

1. They are extremely comfortable. With final exams quckly approaching, these pants are perfect for a relaxed but fashionable look while tackling the countless hours of studying. If you are going for the laid back look with these pants, pair them with a tank and even add some small jewelry to keep the outfit looking fresh.

2. There are options. These pants come in many different colors and patterns, from solid colors to different patterns like the ones I am wearing. There are many different ways to make these pants match anyone's style.

3. Dress them up or down. My favorite thing about these pants is that they are extremely versatile. You can wear them in a more relaxed setting, with sandals, flats or even Converse shoes. But they are so easy to dress up; just add heels and your outfit suddenly transforms.

4. They are inexpensive. These pants are affordable! I snagged the ones I'm photographed wearing from Forever 21 for only about $20. 



I hope to see you all incorporating these pants into some of your looks this spring!