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Mary Bowlby ‘14

Where are you from?

Mount Holly, NJ
What brought you to GW?
When looking at schools, I knew I always wanted to be in a city. For me, Philadelphia was too familiar, but New York was way too much to handle, and when I came to visit DC, it was everything I wanted. GW just fit so perfectly in that mix and after my first information session, I knew this was where I wanted to be.
What year are you and what are you studying at GW?
I’m a sophomore and I’m currently studying psychology and dance.
What made you choose your majors?
I’ve always been interested in psychology and dance is one of my biggest passions. I wanted to find a way to combine the two so what I’m studying is truly what I’m interested in.
What activities are you involved in at GW?
At GW, I’m a member and co-captain of the First Ladies Dance Team, Greek life, and Colonial Cabinet 2012.
What is it like being a second year member of the GW First Ladies?
Being a second year member of the First Ladies is amazing. Not only do you get to bond with such a great group of girls, but you really get to see the transformation and progression of GW Athletics. My favorite part of being a First Lady is to be able to be present at all of the home men and women’s basketball games. It’s already turning out to be an awesome season.
What are the team’s goals for the new athletic year at GW?
This year, our team is really focusing on the game day experience. We really hope that whoever leaves the Smith Center feels that they were truly entertained and would tell a friend or someone they know about the awesome experience they had at GW. We’re also promoting ourselves in community outreach and service as well as taking Spirit to a wider GW span and participating in sports besides just basketball.
What made you apply for the CI Cabinet and what do you hope to take away from this experience?
I’ve always been interested in Cabinet since I went to CI my freshmen year, and I truly just want to become an ambassador for GW and help freshmen transition from high school into college. I’m super excited for an awesome summer with Cab ’12!
After graduating from GW, what do you hope to do as a future career?
After graduation, I hope that I can continue my studies and become more involved in dance therapy.  The idea of helping people heal through movement really interests me and I hope to bring that to a larger community!
What is your ultimate life goal?
My ultimate life goal is to bring dance to a larger community, no matter the form!

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