Maggie Schwarz '20

Name: Maggie Schwarz


Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri


Major: Business Administration


Intended Minor: Mathematics


Involvement on Campus: Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, The Rival, GW Women in Business, and GW Democrats


Occupation: Intern for Brightline Strategies Consulting Firm


Dream Job: Senator


Your Hidden Talent: I’m really good at 2148


Favorite DC Spot: Library of Congress


Celebrity Crush: Paul Rudd


Why Did You Choose DC?: I like it’s fast pace


Cheese or Chocolate?: Cheese


Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad


Country You’re Dying to Visit: Egypt


If You Could be an Animal, You Would Be: A whippet


One Thing on Your Bucket List: To swim with dolphins


Favorite Item of Clothing You Own: My standard black sweatpants

Favorite Musical Artist: Post Malone