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Loving Loafers for the Spring

         Way back in November, in an article written by yours truly entitled “The Perfect Traveling Outfit” I expressed my need for the newest trend in footwear – loafers. Though it’s been a couple months, I am still obsessed with this shoe. While ballet flats seems stale and sometimes less than flattering to me, the loafer with it’s almond-shaped toe and higher tongue makes feet look sleek. As someone who personally suffers from narrow feet, I have finally found a style that accentuates the slenderness of my feet and I love them. For the fall, the look was all about velvet, however, this spring velvet’s out and (p)leather or other materials are in. Whether you prefer patterned, sequined, studded, or plain, the loafer is definitely the go to shoe for the spring. In a time where boot season is over and sandals leave you feeling a bit too chilly, this version of an updated flat is definitely the way to go!

I’m obsessed with animal print. I’m pretty sure I could gather up my closet to compose an entire outfit that’s simply cheetah. Before spring break I couldn’t do this due to my lack of cheetah footwear. Thankfully, it was Madonna to the rescue with these Material Girl fabric loafers with patent trim ($45). They are so lightweight and comfortable! If you’re not as into animal prints as I am, you can still get texture with sequined loafers such as this pair from Aldo ($49.48). Though it’s a bit flashy, the nude color ensures that this pair of loafers will match any outfit.
            Spikes and studs are also I huge trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere this spring/summer. Incorporating this look into your loafers is extremely easy and looks great. During my spring break shopping adventures, I not only picked up a pair of cheetah loafers but also studded ones as well. This Steve Madden pair now has a home in my closet ($89.95). The taupe and black are great basic neutrals, but the cobalt blue shade really caught my eye! The studs are focused at the toe and the slight heel adds a level of sophistication without crossing into a scary kitten heel territory. The Top Shop nude studded slippers I raved about way back in November are still available and fabulous ($56).
For a more classic and vintage feel, try loafers with tassels! In a nod to menswear, pick a metallic or bright color to add a fun feminine flair and make your shoes pop. Dolce Vita has great colors like this metallic pair or blue suede with pink and silver accents (both $159). Whatever style you choose whether it be animal print, studded, or tasseled, the loafer was made to stand out. Make it the highlight of your outfit through patterns or color blocking. Pair with leggings, cuffed jeans, or shorts. The beauty of this shoe is that it can really be dressed up or down through a blazer or t-shirt. When sandals are too casual and boots or heels too formal, a great pair of loafers is the perfect fit! Have fun experimenting and I know I’ll be adding to my personal collection this spring.

Melissa Minton is a junior at the George Washington University from New Jersey. She is majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications in the School of Media and Public Affairs. Along with being the Campus Correspondant for HC GWU, Melissa is the Vice President of a community service sorority, Epsilon Sigma Alpha. She has interned at Elle Magazine and hopes to one day write for a top fashion magazine.
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