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We all know what time it is, and that means a whole lot of stress and freaking out. As crazy as it sounds, midterms have finally approached, and most everyone’s classes require some form of midterm, whether an exam or a paper. Being a freshman during this time can be very overwhelming, but with the following tips you can be sure to do well on all those midterms.


1.Get organized. If your professor provides a study guide, print that out, and compile your notes according to the guide. Print all the required readings, so you can review them and have them close by when you need to refer to them. It’s also a good idea to keep your past assignments like papers and tests because a lot of professors will pull some questions from those past quizzes and tests, and they also provide a really great way to review.

2. Find a quiet space. I think this is a crucial tip if you want to do well on exams. Sometimes I like to stay in my room and do my homework on my bed, but there are many times where people are coming in and out of my room and where my roommate is talking on the phone or reading out loud, and I just can’t focus. As much as I try to convince myself that putting in my earbuds and blasting music will work, that only distracts me further and keeps me from my work. Instead, I think it’s a great idea to head to the library and find some space on a quiet floor. I know that sometimes the library can be very busy, especially during exam times, so reserving a study room for a couple hours might help you even more. 


3. Dress comfortably but not in your pajamas. In high school I would come home from school, take a shower, and get dressed in my pajamas, sometimes as early as 3pm. As comfortable as I felt, I think dressing like I was going to bed soon messed with my brain, and the same thing can happen in college. Everybody loves their leggings and cozy sweatshirts, but make sure what you’re wearing won’t keep you from your studies or convince you to take a short nap that will turn into a much longer nap than you expected. Personally, when I stay in my jeans and tee from earlier, I feel more compelled to sit at my desk and study rather than lie in bed and do my reading. 

4. Eat regularly and stay hydrated. This might seem like a given, but I think we can all understand how easy it is to forget about eating when you’re cooped up in the library for five hours at a time. If you know you’re not going to want to leave the library for a while or won’t have time to grab some lunch, pack snacks and fill your water bottle. You should plan to eat something, even something small, every couple of hours. Drinking water will also keep you from getting those nasty headaches that come from dehydration, and you’ll be able to focus better. 


5. If you have questions, don’t wait until the last minute to ask your professor. This is why doing your work on time and getting ahead when you can helps. Nothing stinks more than having to rush and finish the readings the week of exams and then discover you have several questions but don’t have time to meet with your professor. Throughout the first half of the semester, compile questions you have and ask them in class, in your professor’s office hours, or even through email if your professor permits it. This not only helps you understand the material more clearly but also shows your professor you’re doing the work. 

Go kill those midterms the next couple of weeks! All your hard work and effort is going to pay off!


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