How to Feel Like a Morning Person Even When You Aren't One

Once you get to college, you’re forced to become a night person mainly because of all the work you have to do. Most nights I find myself staying up until 2 a.m. in order to finish all my reading for class, and I never want to get out of my bed the next morning. As a person who has been forced to switch from being a morning person to a night person in college, here are some tips to help you through every early morning. 

1. Pick out your outfit the night before. This sounds like a really simple tip, but choosing what you're going to wear the next day can take away some of the stress that comes from getting up in the morning. Take five minutes before you jump into bed to pick something cute from your wardrobe that’ll work for class.

2. Have your breakfast ready, and make sure you eat it. If you know you're only going to have a few minutes to eat breakfast before class the next day, get everything out the night before. Similarly to the first tip, having everything you need out will assure that you’ll be less stressed and will have some time to eat before class. If you wake up late and don’t have any time to fuel your body for a long day of classes, be sure to pack some snacks in your backpack. 

3. One word: COFFEE! Coffee becomes every college student’s staple, and there’s a reason. Staying up late and waking up early every morning becomes a reality in college, and coffee helps. Make sure to grab some coffee if you're feeling a little extra drowsy or need a pick-me-up in the morning. Coffee will wake you up and help you get through the day. Just don’t drink too much, or you won’t be able to sit still during a long lecture.

4. Make a playlist. Listening to fun, upbeat tunes can not only wake you up but also get you excited for the day. I love putting in my earbuds when I wake up and getting pumped up for my morning journalism class. 

5. Drink water right when you wake up, and continue drinking water throughout the day. Staying hydrated, especially in the heat, is really important for your health and makes you feel better. Lots of water means no headaches, and we all know headaches can be a real pain when you have to sit through a long class.

Waking up in the morning especially after a long night can seem impossible, but by following these tips and preparing for the next day, you can inch closer and closer to becoming a morning person even when you only get a few hours of sleep.


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