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GWU Class Recommendations from Her Campus GWU Writers

With the schedule of fall classes being released, we wanted to give you some of our top recommendations for your class schedule.

AMST 2011, Modern American Cultural History with Professor Orenstein. I adored this class. She has such interactive lectures and really cool pop culture resources. It’s a big lecture with a discussion and still one of my favorite classes. 

AMST 2011/HIST 2011, I am taking it right now with Professor Wald though, but I really like her as well and it’s super interesting and unlike any other history class I have taken before.

SMPA 3242 Investigative Reporting. It’s an incredible class that teaches you the true art of information research and aggressive reporting skills. I learned so many tangible skills I know I will take away in multiple careers, not just journalism.

SMPA 2100 with Professor Phalen is a super fun course, fairly easy and always keeps students interested. 

AMST 2320 US Media and Culture with Professor McCalister. There is something in it for everyone and the tasks were awesome. It was my comfort class during the pandemic, and I truly enjoyed logging onto my laptop to learn a new part of American culture I never knew about!

SMPA 3194 Political Problem Solving with Sarah Isgur. This is by far my favorite course I have taken at GWU. I learned so much and Isgur herself is an incredible person to learn from as she genuinely cares about her students. 

BADM 3103 Human Capital in Organizations with Sharon Hill. This class is a really good way to see how the hiring process works at companies and learn a lot about yourself.

HIST 2322 American History Since 1945 with Professor Eric Arnesen. His lectures are incredibly interesting and entertaining. He really cares about getting to know his students and helping them succeed. 

LSPA 1029 Yoga with Stephen Redmon. This class is a good way to earn a credit and make sure you have time for yourself built into your schedule each week. Professor Redmon is also super nice. 

Hi y'all my name is maddy and I'm a new writer here at GWU! I'm just getting off a gap year and am super excited to get back to school. I am double majoring in political communication and business analytics which I am really enjoying. In my free time, I love exercising, playing with my dogs when at home, and cooking!
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