Finesse Your Fitness: A Review on Rumble


Living in DC for 3 years, I have tried a vast majority of group fitness places. DC has its SoulCycle people, Barry’s Bootcamp people and [solidcore] people or you find yourself somewhere right in the middle. Regardless of your taste, DC has a new fitness comer to the scene known as, Rumble Boxing. Rumble was started in NYC and is located in other major cities such as Philly, LA, and San Fran. This group fitness sanctuary is a 45-minute full body workout that has a mix of weighted floor work and teardrop bag boxing.  If I was to compare it to anything, I would say it is similar to Barry’s but replace the tread with boxing. And if you are anything like me, treads are the enemy. So, here’s the tea, sis:


What’s rumble?

It for the fighter within you. It’s about 45 minutes, a bag, some weights and the will to push yourself. It is by no means a feelsey workout. If you feel like you lost that athletic feeling, the beauty of rumble is that you can find that person you were again. But don’t let the intensity scare you. Whether it’s your first time gloving up or you’ve been fighting for years, the staff and instructors got your back to help you find your fight.

Where’s rumble?

2001 M St NW Suite 120, Washington, DC 20036

What instructors are we feeling this week?

Arnie G is a VIBE!! He brings an athletic background to the Rumble room. He humbles the most athletic and helps people who are just finding their footing define their own athleticism. His music ranges from T-Swift to Old Biggie. Energy is always up and there is no way you can’t find success with this badass.

Arnie’s IG: arnie_abs

Book with Arnie:

Is it going to break my budget?

First time Package is $34 dollars which is a pack of 2 classes. And every class after that its $34 a class. It’s not something you’ll do every day, but treat yourself cause you know why not? They provide wraps that are $8 (which you keep) and glove rentals which are $3. They also offer infrared sauna rentals that are $10 for a 30-minute session. So yeah it may make a dent in the wallet, but its self-care ya know?

SO, what’s the verdict?

HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend at least once. I have always loved boxing, but was too afraid to commit to a boxing gym. If you’re looking for a place that you can drop in once and a while to get out the anger you have been holding inside, Rumble is your place. So take the leap champ, uppercut city is waiting!