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Favorite Study Spots at GWU

With the official start of fall happening on September 22nd, summer—and vacation time—are officially a thing of the past. With autumn right around the corner (and midterms coming up) it’s time to hit the books and start reviewing, reading, and studying those notes! HerCampus GWU asked girls all over campus about their frequent study habits, as well as their overall favorite study spots on campus. Here’s what they said!

Marvin Center—Usually when I’m by myself in a really quiet place like the library, I kind of distract myself. But, since I’m here surrounded by people, I feel a little bit more comfortable.”
– Anna, Freshman

Starbucks—I like lots of noise in the background, so I don’t fall asleep. I always drink caffeine, and typically there is always music involved.”
– Delaney, Senior

“[On the grass near Kogan] sitting near [the] art structure, because of the sunshine and everyone walks through here, so there’s lots of scenes. Usually I like to listen to music but when I study here I don’t because there’s usually other people studying too.”
– Erica, Junior

My room or the sixth floor of Gelman: My room, because when you want to kind of be at home, it’s really nice to have your own space where you have everything you need right there. But when you need to be more study-focused and just get things done, I like the sixth floor of Gelman—it has nice chairs and it’s cozy and quiet. I always like to get something from Starbucks before I start— there are so many around—and also, turning off your internet helps.”
– Melissa, Sophomore

Eckles—[There are] big windows, lots of light, [and it’s] quiet.”
– Sophie, Sophomore

Starbucks—I like to study with company, I don’t like it to be silent, and I like the music.”
– Jenna, Junior

“Right now, it’s outside. It’s beautiful weather and I’m enjoying—trying to enjoy it—before winter gets here. Usually I’ll come here to the courtyard or I go to little cafés—Starbucks, sometimes—and sit outside. I need windows, and I need a little bit of noise—not too loud, but some background noise. [It] kind of relieves the stress and pressure of being in the library, where there’s total silence and everybody is stressed and pressured to get work done.
– Melanie, Graduate (Law) Student

U-Yard—because of the sun, […] the grass is nice, but mainly the tables. I love that we have a spot outside where we have tables and chairs and we’re able to study. Usually I study with a little bit of music [and] coffee is a necessity when I’m tired. I like studying in groups—I like the peer interaction because bouncing ideas off of one another helps me keep focused and helps me think of new ways to look at certain problems and understand the material.”
– Poonam, Sophomore

“I like studying in U-Yard, by Bell Hall, because I can put my feet up on the chairs and just relax, and there are outlets where I can plug in my computer. If I’m falling asleep I get some tea, and I go and sit there with my tea.”
– Annie, Senior

My room because it is convenient. [Also], Gelman because it doesn’t close and when I am in the library I find I have more incentive to study, [and] Eckles is just a good place to study—good lighting and comfortable chairs.”
– Nichelle, Junior

My dorm because I can take a breather between subjects. I don’t like studying in libraries because I feel trapped—there’s too much pressure to finish everything all at once. I like drinking coffee and listening to music when I write papers or work on anything mathematical.”
– Caroline, Freshman

Whether you like a little background noise, some fresh air, or the intense feeling of the library, GW has it all for your study needs! Good luck on midterms Collegiettes…treat yourself to some Auntie Ann’s to make it a little more bearable!

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