Bigger Than A Race: The Underwood Effect

“Change only happens when ordinary people get involved, get engaged, and come together to demand it.” - President Obama

ShanTorrian Underwood a sophomore studying Africana Studies announced her candidacy for student body President with the mission to inspire others who have experience adversity to roll up their sleeves and make change happen. Underwood’s inspiration to run for office came from her personal experience from not being able to afford college, to being a first-generation student from experiencing food insecurity, to experiencing countless of discrimination and racism.

Throughout her campaign she advocated for incorporating new diversity initiatives on campus, adding more affordable dining options to combat food insecurity, incorporating a new disability services alert system, creating a new first generation website for students, expanding and accommodating students who request gender-neutral housing on both campus and more. ShanTorrian Underwood campaign was simple she wanted to ensure all students on this campus had a voice. She wanted to expand resources and opportunities to students despite their race, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status, ethnicity and more.

Underwood believed if we all worked together on GW’s campus, we could truly make a difference and rise together. Throughout her campaign run, she ran on a fair, inspiring and empowering platform.



Underwood’s presidential race was bigger than a race. She inspired the next generation of students to not sit on the sidelines and to RUN. She inspired students to not boo, but VOTE. She put a crack into the highest glass. Underwood believed in CHANGE! She believed in something, even if it meant sacrificing EVERYTHING. As a black woman on this campus, ShanTorrian Underwood inspired me and motivated me to continue to fight for what I believe in, even if it means sacrificing everything. The Underwood EFFECT!