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The ABC’s of GW

Oh GW, where would we be without you? We all chose GW for a reason: Maybe it was the city appeal, the programs, facilities, opportunities, you name it. But, we made it and we chose GW and Washington DC. We made the District our home away from home and there are a few things that you would only understand once you're here and on the inside. Here are the ABC's of The George Washington University. 


A: Açai Bowls

Nothing sounds more appetizing after a solid workout at HelWell. And even if we don’t work out, we often find ourselves making the trek over anyways!


B: Buff and Blue

Our school colors! And we rep ‘em loud and proud!

C: Colonial Army

It’s a known fact that we can come together as one to cheer on our beloved teams!

D: Deli

Okay, who doesn’t like Deli? The best bagels in the District and the largest assortment of snacks and drinks at GW. Oh, and it's the BEST hangover food.


The call you never want made. EMeRG is always ready to take you out of a sticky situation and to the hospital, whether you want the help or not.

F: Food Trucks

They line H Street every day and supply us hungry Colonials with all the Kebab, Captain Cookie, and Chick-Fil-A we could ever want.

G: GelBucks

We’ve all been there. You find yourself strolling in just before closing to get that last giant cup of coffee before cranking out that paper.


H: Hippo

Our unofficial mascot sits comfortably at the corner of 21st and H, watching its students walk past day in and day out. The hippo is also a stop on every campus tour and his tusks have been brushed gold from all the prospective students who are feeling lucky.

I: Internships

Every student has one in his or her career at GW. Or maybe four. It’s an essential part of every GW student’s experience, whether it takes place on the Hill or here in Foggy Bottom.

J: J Street

It’s the closest thing we’ve got to a dining hall. While avoided by many, J Street does have a few bearable stations like The Coffee Shop (featuring Starbuck coffee) and Auntie Anne’s pretzels!

K: Kogan Plaza

It's our city version of a quad. Full of alumni bricks, sculptures, and a central clock tower, we frequent this spot on campus every day and often take its beauty for granted.

L: Lincoln Memorial

No monument run is complete without a stop at the Lincoln. It’s a mere three blocks from campus and has extraordinary views of both the National Mall and Arlington, VA.

M: Metro

It’s the best way to get around the District and the rest of the DMV (even though it can be somewhat of a pain on the weekends.)

N: National Mall

Green grass as far as the eye can see… Well maybe not right now, but this two-mile long stretch is perfect for a quick run, a picnic with friends, or an afternoon study session.

O: Opera

Ah yes, we all love Opera Ultra Lounge. The sweaty bodies, loud music, and blistered ankles... The club goers of GW know this all too well.

P: Political Science

It may possibly be the most popular major at GW and there’s no better place in the world to be studying politics.

Q: Quigley’s Pharmacy (a.k.a. Tonic)

It’s the place everyone crowds into during CI and Parents Weekend. Known for their famous tots, Tonic is a campus treasure visited often by not only GW students, but also surrounding Foggy Bottom residents.

R: Republicans vs. Democrats

We’re the most politically active school in the country. However, if you’re not the most well-versed in governmental jargon, I promise it’s not the end of the world.

S: Segway tours

Yes, they’re embarrassing. But hey, it does still look fun and on the hour you can bet they’ll be making their way down F street single file and ready to tumble.

T: Thurston

The dorm, the myth, the legend. While I wasn’t awarded the “honor” of living in Thurston Hall my freshman year, I am not a stranger to the tales and folklores of Thurston. I mean Huffington Post ranked Thurston as the #3 biggest party dorm in the country… (although others claim the infamous hall tops the rankings.)

U: U-Yard

University Yard is our only stretch of green on campus and provides the perfect spot for studying for finals as well as events like Fall Fest!

V: The Vern

It’s almost every freshman’s worst nightmare; to be stuck living a shuttle ride away from the city and all their classes. That being said, we all have to take a least one class there during our time at GW and you can't deny that the views are pretty great. Not to mention our turf and softball fields are used daily!

W: White House

Not everyone can say they have neighbors in high places! Living four blocks from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue definitely has its perks and the motorcade is always the perfect excuse as to why you were late to class!

X: Club X’s

Don’t try and hide it. Those thick black sharpie X’s on your hands are the perfect reminder of all the mistakes you made or all the fun you had the night before! Don’t be embarrassed, be proud of those X’s!

Y: Ya boy George

Yes, ya boy George. Not only was he the United States’ first president, but he's also our university's namesake and he stands proudly in U-Yard as well as at every corner boundary of campus.

Z: Zillion (a.k.a. Our Tuition)

It’s no secret that college is pricy. Not only is it wicked expensive, but we happen to have chosen the most expensive university out of them all. Hey, I guess you have to compensate for living in one of the coolest, most diverse cities in the world.

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