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The 7 Stages of Waiting for the Grey’s Season 14 Premiere

Whether you finished Season 13 back in May or an hour ago in a quick catch-up binge, you’re experiencing Grey’s withdrawal. But that ends TONIGHT!! So curl up with your wine, popcorn, and tissues, and warm up for tonight’s two-hour (!!!!) episode with a little trip down memory lane. 

1. Finishing Season 13 and realizing you can’t just click “Next Episode” and actually have to wait days, weeks, or even months if you’re a true fan who watches live.


2. Following the entire cast (if you haven’t already) just in case they post spoilers for the new season.



3. Walking around in a bad mood when you realize you only have reruns and old season binges to tide you over until the premiere.


4. Finding temporary solace in the other badass women of Shondaland.



5. Blocking off your Thursday night and stock up on the TGIT essentials once the premiere date is announced.




6. Finally watching the premiere and realizing all of the waiting was worth it because you have TWO UNINTERRUPTED HOURS of your fave doctors (minus McDreamy, McSteamy, Cristina…sigh).



7. Doing it all over again until next Thursday, but it’s okay because GREY’S IS BACK!

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Sophomore at The George Washington University studying political communication and history. I'm obsessed with all things Shondaland, politics, and female empowerment.
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