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5 Hacks That Will Make Your Study Sessions More Efficient

Use diction

If you are typing an essay or even just try to jot your ideas down, save yourself some time by using diction in your writing software. Not only will it give your fingers a break, but you may also end up having very little to edit afterward.

Write down your goals

Writing down what material you want to go over and how for that particular study session will help you stay focused on what needs to get done at that moment, instead of in the future, and you will feel great after checking it off! Just make sure to stay realistic with what you can accomplish in the time you have.

Study with a friend

Whether or not you and a friend are studying the same topic, you can still hold each other accountable by keeping each other motivated. Remind each other what the end goal is or even exchange phones if it has become a distraction to you both.

Exercise between breaks

Instead of spending your break time sending that text or checking social media, go get some fresh air or just jog around the room. This will keep the blood flowing in your brain and keep you feeling rejuvenated.

Time yourself

If you are feeling overwhelmed about all the material, set a timer for just 5 to 10 minutes of focus to get your started. You go in thinking you only have to focus for this short amount of time but once you do start, it will become much easier to keep going until you have learned what you need to.

I am a senior at The George Washington University from Brooklyn, New York. My major is Business Administration with a dual concentration in Marketing and Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Minoring in Journalism & Mass Communications. I love to write any and everything - songs, poems, articles, short stories, etc!
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