4 Hottest Super Bowl Bound Hunks from the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos

 ALERT! The 50th Super Bowl is being played on February, 7th! If you’re living under a rock, or just could care less about football- the Denver Broncos are facing up against the Carolina Panthers.

Watching four hours of men running around a field isn’t what I’d normally watch for fun on a Sunday or Monday (I mean, The Bachelor, and Real Housewives marathons take precedent.) But, sometimes I tune in to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous players, and you should too.

The players who take the football field are tall, muscled, talented men who look especially good in their tight uniforms. If you’re not yet convinced to watch the Super Bowl game just yet, take a look at these studs from the Panthers and Broncos, and you might just change your mind.

The Carolina Panthers:

Luke Kuechly 

Number 59 and oh, so fine! Luke is the top linebacker for the Carolina Panthers, but being in the spotlight doesn’t stop him from being one of the nicest guys on the team (said fellow hottie Cam Newton and teammate Roman Harper) His sweet sense of humor and muscles have us thinking he might be the perfect man.

Graham Gano

This Scottish-born kicker has us thinking about his powerful leg muscles when he's both on and off of the field! Tall, dark, handsome, and talented (he has yet to miss a kick in the postseason). He must really be a kick to be with (lol) because unfortunately for us Gano-fans, he is happily married.

Greg Olsen

This 6 foot 5 hunk of football power and blonde hair is bound to make your heart beat a little quicker. Although he is married with children, we can still ogle over his dedication to his fellow Panthers, and to his family. He is constantly fighting strong and speaking out about his youngest son’s heart condition. **swoon**

Cam Newton

It’s hard to choose just one reason why this young QB is on the hot list for the Carolina Panthers. Even if you’re not an avid football fan, you should know about Cam because he brought the dance move that all your guy friends try to perfect on the dance floor- “the dab”, to the football field. Cam also has a killer smile, and is known for giving touchdown footballs to kids in the crowd (aww!)


Emmanuel Sanders

This Broncos star is known in the football world for his amazing catches. Emmanuel looks great in his uniform, but we can tell he has a killer body underneath it all- and we’d like to see more of it. His crazy fast 40-yard dash time will have you dreaming of a scenario where he has to run and save you from a sticky situation.

Ronnie Hillman

All Snoop Dogg fans will likely be a fan of this player as well. Ronnie grew up playing on one of Snoop’s youth Los Angeles football teams and Snoop was one of his coaches/advisors/overseers. Ronnie must be as cool as Snoop, but he is also so good looking- I mean, check out his adorable face. I’d cuddle with him after a tough loss.

Brock Osweiler

There must be a rule about having to be ridiculously good looking in order to become an NFL quarterback… right!? Well, if not, Brock would definitely pass the test. Brock’s powerful arm, flowy hair, 6’7” stature and perfect sweaty glow post-games might make him a Disney Prince… or a football god.

Britton Colquitt

This punter is a key to the Broncos wins as of late. He also has a brother named Dustin, who is just as good looking and just as talented. Britton is married with an adorable daughter- so he made the list for having the most genetically blessed extended family.

Pick and choose which one you’d like to see rock a blinged out Super Bowl ring, and maybe even stalk them on social media. Tune in to the game and impress your friends by actually knowing some of the players—even if they are only the cutest ones!