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The 10 Instagrams Every GW Girl has Taken

We truly are beyond lucky to be able to attend school in the nation’s capital and living in DC makes it hard to resist pulling out that camera. Without further ado, here are the most basic of the basic, the top ten Instagrams every GW girl has posted:


1. The Hippo

Duh, it’s the hippo! And you’d be lying to yourself if you said your parents didn’t make you take 15 pictures next to this guy.


2. The National Mall

One of the most iconic images of Washington, D.C. and you can bet there are 500 more pictures where that one came from.


3. The White House

Because we all like to pretend we live here every now and then.


4. Nationals Park

GW isn’t the most sports-centered school and whether you’re a baseball fan or not, Nats Park is somewhere you’ll find yourself every fall and spring. 


5. The Tidal Basin

If you went on a run around the Tidal Basin and didn’t stop to take a picture, did you even go on a run?


6. The Cherry Blossoms

Nothing screams “DC in the spring” more than the Cherry Blossoms and you can easily find that splash of pink in every GW girl’s Instagram.


7. Kogan Plaza

The central hub of G-Dub. Need I say more?


8. The Capitol

While under restoration for now, the dome of the Capitol Building is as basic as you can get.


9. The Lincoln  Memorial

My personal favorite. The most breathtaking monument of them all (especially at night) and so darn photogenic!!

And last but not least, 


10. The Squad Pic

Whether it’s your sorority, athletic team, or club, every GW girl needs her squad.

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