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Why Vagina Wipes Promote Society’s Unrealistic Expectations of Women

Introducing an all new groundbreaking product for men! Ball Cream is a natural ointment that helps to regulate chemicals in a man's nuts and keeps his mini-him fresh and smelling nice with Ball Cream’s natural fragrances. Pick up your Ball Cream at your nearest participating store now! 

Laughing or rolling your eyes? Generally confused by this advertisement? Good, because if you can understand the ridiculousness of a social standard that expects men to rub a scented cream on their balls to keep them fresh, then it shouldn't be hard for you to understand why that same expectation of women is just as ridiculous. (PSA: For further ridiculousness, ball cream is an entirely real thing.)

There are a plethora creams, ointments, and wipes that are targeted to be used on women's vaginas. I was introduced to Summer's Eve Vaginal Wipes last year and didn't really know what to think of them. To be honest, I didn’t really understand their purpose. I wash my body in the shower regularly so why would I need these special wipes? After some research, I learned the these wipes have two main purposes. The first is to regulate the vagina's pH, basically balancing the vagina's natural chemicals. The second is to keep my special lady parts fresh and smelling nice for my partner during intimacy. The more I learned and thought about this product, the more I realized how much these wipes are a pawn to get women spend money on something that is completely unnecessary. The expected use of this and similar products are just idiotic social expectations for women.

First of all, I have never used these products in my life and never have I had a problem with my vagina’s chemicals. I don’t need need a wipe to regulate my body's pH. My vagina is smart enough to do that on it’s own--thank you very much!  

Second, the only time my va-jay-jay ever smells is when I’m on my period, in which case one little wipe isn't going to do a damn thing. I'm in pain and bleeding from my uterus so that I can procreate for humankind, so don't be rude and insist that smelling good 'down there' is my #1 priority.

Third, when a woman gets to the point where she wants to get intimate with her partner, what are the chances her partner is gonna say no because she hasn't been using vaginal wipes? I mean, come on! Intimacy between two people who care about each other is so much deeper than that. Plus, when it comes to it, ladies, your partner is lucky to get with a hot woman like you! If the turn you down because your vagina doesn't smell like a tropical paradise or a field of daises, then that's their loss.

In short, vagina wipes are a pawn and actually have not legitimate use. If you want to use them because they make you feel like a damn fine woman, then you do you, boo. I don’t judge. But ladies, there is no need for you to feel that you need to use vagina wipes in order to meet a standard or to be considered 'clean'. You never need to do anything you don't want to do, and that includes meeting unrealistic societal standards such as this. Everything a woman does to her body, whether it's applying makeup, cutting or coloring her hair, or choosing the clothes she puts on in the morning, should be because she wants to. It should be because it makes her feel damn fine and is a representation of who she is. End of story.

So whether you choose to use vagina wipes or not, know that your choice on the matter is entirely up to you. Do what makes you feel awesome and comfortable, not what society forces onto you. 


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