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Wedding Planning in College as Told by The Office


1. Agreeing to marry someone is truly magical. Looking into their eyes and knowing that you want to spend the rest of your lives together is a wonderful feeling. That Pam and Jim moment can’t be beat, and garners an excitement like no other. 

2. After the excitement wears off, people soon start asking if you have set a date. And with graduation around the corner, it feels adult enough to tie the knot. Of course the wedding can happen this year.

3. At first it seems perfectly doable. Until a journey down a Pinterest rabbit hole alerts you of all the tasks necessary to plan a wedding.

4. And your Google calendar lets you know that you also have two tests and a paper due before next week Wednesday. 

5. And because you are in college, of course you are available to make it to a dress fitting at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday and still get all of your homework done for Wednesday. 

6. But the best part of being engaged is right when you feel like registering, addressing 100 save the dates, and making it to 20 classes in one week seems too daunting, you remember you have your best friend by your side. In 2018, your fiance is more than willing to help. 

7. Between the two of you, that to do list will be done in no time. 

8. Or at least the two of you, and your entire bride tribe, who is willing to find some extra time in their busy college life, will get that list done. 

9. Or least you will check off enough that the next breakdown should be minimal…

10. ...and easily cured by the next exciting moment. Like seeing your new last name in print for the first time! 

11. But no matter how difficult the process gets, knowing you get to marry your best friend in the end will always be worth it. 

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