A Thank You to my Her Campus Chapter Leaders

During the spring of my freshman year, I still wasn’t really sure what I wanted to dive into during my college career. I was already a part of a few campus organizations, but none of them really allowed me to engage with other students because they were more individual based. So, I made my spring semester goal to be to find a new organization to join that met frequently, did fun things, and sort of acted as a little campus family, and this is when I came across Her Campus Gustavus.

I can’t exactly remember how I came across Her Campus, but I believe it was at the spring involvement fair. Regardless of how I heard of it, I instantly learned that it is full of so many things that I am passionate about: writing, photography, event planning, getting creative, and spending time with a great group of women and that’s how I knew that it was the PERFECT fit for me. So what did I do? I joined of course!


Throughout the past three semesters of being a part of Her Campus Gustavus I have had the opportunity to not only write a ton of articles, help plan events, and attend a conference in New York, but I have met some of the most down to earth and amazing women. Everybody on the team is so empowering, unique, and wonderful, but the leaders of Her Campus Gustavus: Shai, Katie, and Kjersten are really something special.

All three of these girls have made such an impact on my college career and I don’t even think they know it. As a freshman I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with myself. I had no idea what I wanted to be a part of on campus, what I wanted to major in, and gosh so many other things. However, after encouraging me to join Her Campus I can honestly say that they are a huge part of the reason I am now a declared English major with a film and media studies minor. I am for once confident in my decision and I cannot wait to see where it all takes me in my future.

Shai, Katie, and Kjersten have served as the greatest role models I could have ever asked for at Gustavus. I have looked up to them for three semesters now and I am sure it will continue throughout the years to come.

Kjersten is absolutely killing it at her internship right now and gosh nothing makes me happier than seeing her reach her dreams/goals! She worked so hard for that opportunity and seeing how her hard work has paid off really motivates me to do the same. Ahhh she is so wonderful!

Shai is one of the sweetest and loving person that I have ever met. Literally ever. She treats everybody with so much respect and kindness that it just rubs off of you. I guarantee that everybody on the Her Campus team aspires to be just like Shai (or at least I do). Shai has also served as my personal little cheerleader throughout the past few semesters. I’ve had a few hard times and she’s always been the person there to pick me right back up and set me back on track and I cannot thank her enough for that.

Katie is one incredible leader and I can’t even imagine what Her Campus would have been like without her (well it wouldn’t have even been a thing because she’s part of the reason it’s at Gustavus in the first place). She is so talented and if you ever have the chance to read one of the poems she writes, you better appreciate it and consider yourself lucky because I guarantee she will be a famous poet some day. Katie always encouraged me to become a better writer and really dive head first into the things that I love and I am so thankful for that.


Lastly, I cannot express in words just how thankful and happy I am that I got to know these three girls. They have made such a big impact on my life and I feel so sad that I have to say goodbye to them in just a few weeks as they head off into the big kid world of jobs. But, knowing these girls it will be less of a goodbye, and more of a see you later.

Kjersten, Shai, and Katie - I love you SO much and thank you for absolutely everything that you have done for me. I’m going to miss you so much next year!


Corbyn Jenkins