Seven Things Every College Girl Should Invest In Now

As busy college girls, sometimes we get caught up in thinking about the now, rather than the future version of ourselves that will be moving permanently away from home in just four short years or sooner. But stopping to think about our needs, both present and future, is a good thing to do every once in a while. While I was reflecting on my life this summer, I found that there were at least seven great items I could invest in now that would be useful for me in the future as well.

1. Quality Luggage

I travel a lot, so this one was obvious for me. Not only does nicer luggage protect your stuff better, but having wheels that roll smoothly can make getting through the airport a breeze. I have already gotten some use out of my new luggage, and will again while studying abroad this winter, so I don’t regret spending a little extra money on a great suitcase.

2. Laptop that fits your needs and a case

It’s obvious that every college student is going to need a laptop, but that doesn’t end after college. Investing in a nicer laptop as a college student will likely make it last even longer, so you can continue using it while going into the professional world or graduate school. Also, invest in a protective (note the word protective, and not just cute) case now to reduce any emergencies in the future.

3. Neutral purse

I’m sure I’m not the only girl that always wants her purse to look professional and match my outfit, and this just isn’t possible if you still have the same hot pink, furry purse that you did in middle school. Purchase a nice black, gray, or brown purse now that has enough space for all the stuff you anticipate needing. This will make your life so much easier in the future.

4. A nice water bottle and/or to-go coffee mug

I used to be horrible about drinking water, and I would use a disposable cup every time I stopped for a cup of coffee. But investing in nicer cups has encouraged me to not only carry them everywhere, but actually drink more water. Now, I’m saving the environment, staying hydrating, and still getting my daily caffeine fix.

5. Comfortable pillow and quality bedding

Before college, I was one of those people who had two really flat pillows that I would stack up every night. It probably goes without saying that this wasn’t very comfortable, and my neck hurt often. However, I have since invested in a firm memory foam pillow as well as nicer sheets and blankets. Getting your beauty sleep is important for college students, so these items were well worth the investment.


6. Planner that works for you

Sometimes, having a cheap planner just isn’t enough. Finding a planner that works for you (both in size and layout) is important for staying organized. I’m obsessed with my Erin Condren LifePlanner, but shop around until you find what best works for your lifestyle.

7. A Comfortable, Versatile Pair of Pants

I think this one is important because you are going to have more professional opportunities, and you won’t be able to wear leggings or skinny jeans. Investing in a comfortable and professional-looking pair of black pants was well worth the money, and I get more use out of them than I even thought.

This may not cover everything you might need, but I think that if you need an item both now and in the future, it might be better to spend a little extra for something high-quality.