Poems and Lovelorn Thoughts, Vol. XV

Bluefire Eyes


Her bluefire eyes

Feel so far away, tunneling

Down to places we can’t follow.

I can no longer tell if

The burn is white-hot, silky

As a wedding dress, gutsy,

Or what the walls are made out of

Or if the horizon wasn’t what

I just passed an hour ago.

Cityscape with Roses


You stopped


And stooped

To smell the chalk-white roses


In the planter. You stopped

And when you smelled them,

Their powdery pungent porcelain


Tears went up

You nose and choked rings

Around your throat.

You stopped and stooped,


Went on coughing down the street,

Choking on your


Own faults.


The Ghost Outside the Window


There is a ghost in the gutter --

Paces seven steps

Past the window -- stands

Outside doing -- nothing --

Fogs up the mirrors of

My eyes -- sticks up the

Sides of the shower curtain,

Quivering wet --

It comes -- When it comes --

It is more Afraid -- of Me

Than I -- of it.