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Poems and Lovelorn Thoughts, Vol. I


Silver armor and shield — just like before —

Turn back — retreat — into the gray of self.

Hide away — lock the door —

Head down — quick steps —

Get through the day —

Through the day —

Get through the day —

Through the day —

Hold breath — chin down —

Quick step — quick step —

Save it for home —

Hold on til’ home —

Only at home —

Hold on, head down, quick steps,

And never stop caring.



I hated how I waited —

Sitting dolled up by the door,

Pacing across the floor —

Telling, telling myself — again —

That you’d be there —

Stopping to fix my hair —

Passing the window, stealing a glance —

Turning, and passing again —

Living phantom moments, muttering,

Muttering scripted lines, lines —

Of eloquence, elegance —

Sitting and waiting,

Waiting and sitting —

Looking at clock digits like

They tell the world —

Like they run the world —

Like this is the world —

Hating the waiting —

But waiting, waiting —

Sitting dolled up by the door,

Pacing across the floor —

Knowing the answer,

But too damn proud to admit it.  



I don’t like Checkmates —

Or gunfights —

Or cutthroat games of cards —

Or I-told-you-sos.


What I do know

Is that —

I just want to hold you

And be held by you —

I want to clear the board —

Throw the cards in the air like rain —

Shoot nothing but eyes–

Write away the pain —

And dance on the marble squares

Instead of throwing



I never liked games, sir.


But I always

Liked you.


Your move.


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