An Open Letter to the Bruise on My Leg


Dear Random Bruise,

What’s up? I’d like to say “Long time, no see” but it seems that there’s a new one of you popping up at the end of every weekend. Usually in the middle of my thigh, sometimes on my hip, rarely on an arm. Quarter sized and purple. While I’m used to you by now, I’d just like to know… what the HELL, man?! There has to be a time in my life when hitting my leg on the corner of a desk or bumping my arm on my bed frame won’t give me a bruise. Right, Random Bruise? That’s what I keep telling myself, at least. I have so many bruises on my legs at any given point, and most of them hold no memory of where they came from. It’s like I breathe and BAM, a new one of you pops up.

I swear, Random Bruise, you just show up without me even doing anything. I think I heard somewhere that if I consume more iron I won’t bruise as much… maybe I’ll have to start exclusively eating broccoli! That will show you. We both know that’s not going to happen, so I guess for now I’ll have to live with my fragile skin and bruising like a peach.

Well… See you next weekend I guess.