My Top Five Favorite Youtubers

Most of the time, I find myself watching YouTube videos in my free time over Netflix or Hulu. The videos are short, funny, and hold my attention more than a 45 minute episode. Here are my top 5 favorite YouTubers that I have been enjoying recently.

1. Meghan Hughes

I have been watching Meghan since she lived in Georgia with her family- she now resides in Oregon with her significant other. Meghan makes videos on a variety of topics, from ways to be more eco-friendly, to clothing hauls, to “Big Sis Advice” videos. She is super kind and real, and watching her videos is like listening to a friend talk.

2. Joe Robinet

My boyfriend got me into Joe’s channel. He’s a super outdoorsy guy, who makes long videos about his camping trips, usually with his trusty sidekick, his dog Scout. If you have some time to kill and want a calm but visually pleasing video playing in the background, maybe while cleaning your room or something, Joe’s videos are perfect. He is super goofy and very knowledgeable about bushcraft camping- something I find super interesting and way cool.

3. Emma Chamberlain

Emma has recently become super popular among the YouTube community. She is absolutely hilarious, and makes the most random videos. My favorites are her vlogs of her driving around San Francisco, drinking an iced almond milk latte and just being ~quirky~.

4. Sarah Baska

Sarah Baska makes a lot of videos of her telling crazy stories from when she was younger, and to be honest they’re some of the funniest videos I have ever watched. She doesn’t take herself seriously at all, so it’s easy to watch her uploads. She’s also an amazing singer and uploads covers to her channel occasionally!

5. Lexie Lombard

I have also followed Lexie for quite some time. She is from Virginia, but moved to LA to further develop her career, before moving across the country again, where she currently resides in New York. She is a student there, and makes videos about fashion, her classes, makeup, and vlogs about her life in general. Lexie is someone that just seems really cool and down to Earth. Her style is really unique, and her Instagram pictures are always super fresh.