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To My Sorority Big

At the beginning of Sophomore year, one of my best friends (also my college roommate) and I decided that it might not be a bad idea to try to join a sorority to try and make some more friends. Now, the plan in our heads was to both get into the same sorority and make new friends together, but that ended up being a bust as we both got bids from different sororities. My roommate instantly became friends with an amazing group of girls who would later accept me into their friend group, but I on the other hand didn’t really have that same experience in the sorority I joined at first. That was until a few weeks in when I was given my sorority big.

For big/little reveal this year my sorority, Alpha Sigma Tau, did a thing where you had to find the person with the same colored balloon as you. The person was standing behind a big sheet of paper and on the count of three the paper was brought down and your big was revealed. That was the moment when it all changed & I was super glad that I decided to join this sorority.


I still remember how excited I was when I discovered that you were my big. While going through recruitment and having to meet a bunch of people in different rooms from different sororities, I was a bit overwhelmed and almost opted out of joining halfway through. But, you were one of the few people who I actually felt comfortable talking to because I guess it just felt normal? It felt like we were already friends and now when I look back at that I think it’s kind of funny that you ended up being my big. Fate? Maybe? Who knows.

Well, I cannot even begin to tell you how thankful I am to have you as my sorority big! Oh my goodness I have had some great times with you throughout the past two semesters, especially this spring. You have introduced me to some awesome people in Kato who I cannot wait to hang out with again this coming fall even if it ends with more 4am mac and cheese. We’ve gone on countless coffee runs and I guess Taco Bell too where we usually end up hysterically laughing while trying to order. You also introduced me to Hardee’s – still not sure if I’m a fan or not (ok maybe I am, but I won’t admit it to you). Oh, and you can’t forget the trip to Applebees where we got half-price apps and you spilled your drink all over the table. Good times. Clearly we enjoy getting food together.

Apart from food though, I’ve enjoyed the vent sessions on the way to chapter on Sunday nights and weeknight committee meetings. They definitely helped me get through this crazy year of college. Thanks for helping me choose my outfits for random things and letting me try on your shoes even when we both know that they most likely won’t fit my feet.

Thanks for being my date at the singles table at almost every sorority formal event and to coming with me to socials as well. If it wasn’t for you I probably would have sat at that table alone which would have definitely sucked. I’ve also enjoyed our study sessions, especially at River Rock and I’m already looking forward to more of them this coming fall.

Thanks for helping me with the randomest things like what I should eat for dinner during our caf runs, where an office on campus is located (which you don’t really ever know either, but I still like to ask), what coffee I should order, and with homework? Well, ok I just really enjoyed helping you out with your fancy pilates homework. That was quite a time. Oh, and thanks for letting me keep my ice cream in your freezer too, nothing is worse than melted ice cream.

Thanks for bringing me candy and making me such cute wall art for my dorm during big/little reveal week! I love them so much. I really appreciate you making the trek over to Sohre each day to deliver them. That sure takes some dedication.

Most importantly, thanks for putting up with my crazy self! I can’t even imagine what it is like to live in the dorm directly below my roommate and I because we are loud as heck. Thanks for listening to my constant complaints about the most random things and the usual boy troubles. Honestly, thanks for being just one heck of a sister.

Not only are you now one of my best friends, but you are really like my big sister. I feel like I can go to you for anything and i know you’ll be there for me no matter what. You give some bomb advice and wow we sure have a lot in common (it’s kind of scary). I am happy that I am able to feel like you are someone who I can look up to and count on even after you graduate (I’m probably going to cry when you do so here’s your warning). I am so excited to have one more fun semester together, but after that I’m not sure how I’m going to survive the rest of my college career without you! You are the big sister that I never had and I am so thankful to now have you in my life!


Your Little, Corbyn.




Hey, I'm Corbyn Jenkins! I am a Junior at Gustavus Adolphus College majoring in English & minoring in Film & Media Studies. In my free time I enjoy art, photography, exploring, going to concerts, and spending time with my friends and family.
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