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Meet Her Campus Gustavus Writer, Hailey Fordham!

Meet Hailey Fordham!

Year: Freshman, PSEO Student  Major: Intended Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major

What made you want to do PSEO? Why at Gustavus?

“I was unhappy with the academic opportunities available at my high school, and I was really interested in a specialized, more directed education that allowed me to pursue my interests. Why Gustavus? It just seemed like a good fit; no other school really offers a program like this one does. It’s highly immersive; unless I tell people, they have no idea that I’m not a regular freshman, and I really appreciate that I don’t feel like an outlier.”

What specifically are you most interested in studying/researching in your field?

“I’m most interested in finding out how medicines interact with the chemistry of the body and how I can potentially innovate in the field. I’ve always had an interest in science and I really wanted a way to channel that in a way that could directly help people.”

What is your most memorable moment so far at Gustavus?

“My FTS professor, Pamela Kittleson offered to take whoever wanted to go, canoeing. It was just three students that went, and we got to go with John Grinnell and another prof from the THEOL department. It was really interesting to talk to the professors and learn about them, have fun on the water, and just have that sort of amiable companionship with professors. That wouldn’t happen at other schools.”

What is your favorite food at the caf or the Courtyard?

“I really like the noodle bowl with some tofu and the vegetarian ginger broth. That shit is good.”

What would you say to a student that is considering Gustavus for PSEO?

“I would highly recommend the experience depending on who the person was. It’s a really good way to develop yourself and learn more about yourself, and it’s a good academic experience.”

Would you recommend Gustavus?

“I definitely would. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.”

Brenna Tuttrup is a sophomore at Gustavus Adolphus College and is pursuing a major in English. At Gustavus, she is involved in the Gustavus Wind Symphony, is a co-president of the Gustavus Freethinkers, and is a writer and secretary in the Her Campus: Gustavus branch. She enjoys eating, drawing, cats, and more cats. Talents include: staying up until 3 am playing computer games, talking way too loud, and unnecessary dabbing.
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