Meet Fruit-Loop, GAC's Stray Kitty Who Has Finally Found a Forever Home!

It’s no secret that lately our campus has been crawling with cats. As most Gusties know, Professor Jenner’s kitties Cooper and Nemo are frequent visitors on the hill, but most recently, a kitty with no home has been spotted wandering. This kitty, who came to be known as “Sewer Kitty” after its unfortunate entrapment in a campus sewer, has finally found a home! Meet Fruit-Loop, an outgoing, playful, estimated 6-8 month-old Maine Coon who has found her forever home with Gustie Sammy Jagler!

Fruit-Loop, how are you adjusting to your forever home?

“My new home is such a friendly environment that it’s been a purr-fect adjustment! I really love my new big sister, Charley, who is a golden lab and always willing to snuggle with me. My big sister, Rylee, a chocolate lab, is a little bit too energetic for me though and she doesn’t give me snuggles like Charley does, so I’m slowly becoming friends with her.”

Where did the name Fruit-Loop come from?

“It comes from my love of Froot Loop cereal, duh! Rachel [Thate] and Sammy gave me Froot Loops before they rescued me, and I guess the name stuck.”

What was the experience like getting to your new home?

“It was scary at first. This human named Rachel Thate picked me up and put me in a box. I tried to claw my way out, but Sammy and Rachel gave me Froot Loops and I really liked those. I lived at Rachel’s house in Mankato for a while because her mom is a foster mom for cats and dogs, but then Sammy brought me home to Eagan. I immediately fell in love with my forever home. Even though the box they put me in was scary, I couldn’t be happier that Rachel and Sammy rescued me and took me home.”

How do you feel about being with a family rather than wandering outside?

“I love being with my family because I am warm, have food, and get so many snuggles. I really like snuggles. Being outside wasn’t fun because I never knew when my next meal was going to be. It was fun meeting so many college kids but I love having a family that loves and cares about me so much. I also love my dog siblings, because they’re so playful!”

Have you done anything cute that makes your family smile?

“I think my family thinks it’s cute when I grab their legs if they’re trying to leave. They also laugh at me when I purr because Sammy said I sound like a thing called a ‘motorboat’.”

What’s your favorite toy to play with?

“I love my wind-up mouse. I can’t wait to see if I can get my paws on a real one someday.”

Do you have a favorite treat?

“I love everything! But Froot Loops have a special place in my heart.”

Fruit-Loop is thriving at her new home in Eagan, but wants to thank all of the Gusties who helped her survive her time on the hill (especially during that cold winter)! She really appreciates all of your food donations and the work that the campus did to save her from the sewer!