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Meet Anna Menne, Captain of the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team!

As a sophomore this year, I decided that I wanted to go out and explore more of the clubs and organizations on campus, which led me to find Gustavus’ Ultimate Frisbee Team, Outskirtz. Ultimate frisbee is not only a super fun sport which you can definitely count as your cardio workout for the day, but also full of fun and awesome people. One of the things I enjoy most is the team dynamic, and our captains are largely responsible for establishing this enthusiastic and friendly atmosphere. One of these fabulous captains is Anna Menne, captain for the girl’s side of Outskirtz. Anna is not only a bomb Frisbee player, but she’s also a master at cultivating an inviting atmosphere where everyone can goof around and also get their exercise in.

Anna is a junior psychology major with a history minor. Believe it or not, before coming to GAC she had no idea that ultimate frisbee was even a sport. She heard about it from some friends who invited her to practice one day and the rest is history.

What’s your favorite part of ultimate frisbee?

“Everyone is so, so nice. We’re all there to have a good time and have some laughs.”

How would you explain ultimate?

“Ultimate frisbee is kind of like a combination of soccer and football. It’s a team sport with your main goal being to score against the opposing team. Of course, maybe you were expecting to hear that ultimate frisbee is similar to frolfing. Common misconception.”

What are the differences between ultimate frisbee and frisbee golf?

“While both involve a Frisbee disc, frisbee golf is like it sounds. You’re playing golf with a Frisbee against other players and whoever has the fewest throws in the end wins.”

Why did you chose to come to Gustavus?

“In middle school I came to Gustavus for a church retreat. I fell in love with the blue slushies found at the caf and I knew it was meant to be.”

Fun Facts About Anna:

  • Her favorite color is gray. “Sounds morbid, I know. It’s just such a classic color.”
  •  She dreams about opening up her own coffee shop and to build it in such a way that you can watch both the sunrise and sunset while sipping coffee and/or tea.
  •  She has a horse named Jackson and he’s “the best thing since sliced bread.”

For anyone who’s looking for a fun, outdoorsy time, come check out the Frisbee team practicing behind Southwest on weekdays at 5:30 p.m. Come meet Anna and have a fetching time chasing after a flying Frisbee disk with the team!

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