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Looking Forward to Family Weekend 2016

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Gustavus chapter.

If you’re like me, keeping your family updated on all the cool things you’re learning and all the fun activities you’re taking part in at college is something that you don’t do very often. You’ve been gone for a month, yet your parents have no idea that you’re having a blast in G Choir, that you aced that last biology quiz, or that you absolutely love gyro Fridays in the caf! That’s why Gustavus Family Weekend is such an amazing and fun opportunity for Gusties and Gustie families: it’s a chance to show them that you’re having the time of your life at school. Even if your family lives too far away to come for the weekend, another great part about Family Weekend is that all of the exciting events and activities are open to all, so don’t let your family not being here stop you from taking part!

As a sophomore here at Gustavus, I’ve only experienced one Family Weekend so far, but it was an amazing experience to be able to see such important people in my life after being away and show them how much I love my college. My favorite part by far was being able to perform for my family as a member of the Vasa Wind Orchestra in Christ Chapel. It was my first performance as a college musician that my parents got to see, and it was surreal to feel so supported and encouraged by them. This year, my mom and grandparents are going to come to this year’s Family Weekend and I’m most looking forward to performing for them in Christ Chapel again and showing off all of my hard work! Family Weekend 2016 should be just as fantastic as year’s past and I’m really looking forward to it.

This year, Family Weekend is taking place from Friday, October 7th through Sunday, October 9th. The weekend’s festivities include entertainment for everyone. If you want to immerse your guests into what Gustie life is like, let your fam sit in on a class with you on Friday, or bring them to the info panels and workshops offered on Saturday. The panels will topics ranging from the rich history of Gustavus to helpful tips for studying abroad. If you want to relax, be sure to take them to either the LineUs Improv show Friday night or one of the many showings of The Secret Life of Pets in Wallenberg. Here’s the complete list of all the events you should check out

Brenna Tuttrup is a sophomore at Gustavus Adolphus College and is pursuing a major in English. At Gustavus, she is involved in the Gustavus Wind Symphony, is a co-president of the Gustavus Freethinkers, and is a writer and secretary in the Her Campus: Gustavus branch. She enjoys eating, drawing, cats, and more cats. Talents include: staying up until 3 am playing computer games, talking way too loud, and unnecessary dabbing.