Looking Down the Ballot: November 8th is More Than Just the Presidential Election

Election season is here and that means that we get to exercise our right to vote! We have been bombarded with advertisements, debates, and opinions all over social media. By now, you probably have an idea of whom you are going to vote for to elect to become President of the United States. With so many sources of information in the news and on the Internet, it is hard not to have formed a secure opinion of the candidates for president. I am not here to persuade as to whom you should vote for; I am here to tell you what other options you have if you don’t like any of the candidates for president.

When you get your chance to vote and finally have your ballot in front of you, you will see a vast array of boxes to check. You will not just be prompted with a choice between presidential candidates. You will be able to vote for so many other positions in office. Sometimes, the presidential race gains too much of our attention. While it is highly important, it can detract our attention from other important choices.

Ladies and gentlemen, no matter who gets elected as president, we need to remember that we have a say in the change happens locally as well. Take some time every day before November 8th to research your local and state races. Who do you agree with on the issues? Who do you feel is fit for office? Look at council seats, county commissioners, judges, senators, state representatives, and other positions that will affect your area. While it seems daunting to possibly have someone you dislike in the Oval Office, you should know that so many other elected officials could work to support you and your needs.

Going to the polls informed and sure of the candidates you are attempting to elect is so important. If you are not sure how to go about this research process, there is a super simple way to find out who is on your ballot.

1. Go to Google.

2. Type in “Who is on my ballot?”


3. The first option should give you a space to type in your address. Do this and then the ballot for your area will pop up. 



4. Be sure to click both the "State" and "Local" tabs to get an idea of what other positions are being elected on November 8th!


So, get researching! Understand where change is most likely going to happen. Be an educated voter. Know whom you are voting for when you reach the polls. However, if you end up at the polls and for some reason do not have everything figured out, do not feel at a loss. The ballot should tell you if the candidate is unopposed, incumbent, and which party they affiliate with.  

Please remember that sometimes the candidate in your party might not always be the best choice. Be sure to figure out which candidate aligns most with your personal beliefs and values rather than just that of the party you support. Also, try to keep in mind that just because they have served in the seat previously, does not mean that they should be elected again. So, with that being said, please try to research as much as you can before you stand in front of all of those unchecked boxes. Good luck, everyone! Happy Election Season!