A Letter to my Little Brother as he Graduates High School

Hey, D,

You probably won’t read this, but I’m going to send it to Mom and Dad and make one of them read it to you. Or maybe I’ll read it at your grad party and embarrass you in front of all your friends. Your pick. Lately, I find myself bursting out to my friends, and random people, “My brother is graduating HIGH SCHOOL this year!”. The fact that you’re not this little 5 foot tall, chubby 11 year old anymore still hasn’t fully registered in my brain. Everytime I come home from college, you’re a little bit taller, stronger, and all around cooler than I’ll ever be. So, hats off to you.

Thanks for always being a goof with me. I know that hanging out with your older sister isn’t the most desired way to spend your time as a high school senior, but it means more to me than you know. I feel like we’ve always had this bond, since I’m only a couple years older than you. I went through all the first time stressors of college before you, so I’m able to share my wisdom, or lack thereof. But, if I’m being honest, I feel like you know exactly what you’re doing, whether Mom and Dad think so or not. College is a lot about finding yourself, with many late nights spend studying or simply hanging out with your friends until 3 in the morning when you have an 8 a.m. the next day- be smart, don’t take an 8 a.m.

As you graduate and start the next chapter of your life, don’t be afraid to thank the people who got you there. Thank the teachers that always pushed you a little further, the coaches that knew your full potential on and off the field, the friends that always had your back. And above all, thank yourself for getting you this far. It may not seem like it, but you’ve accomplished a lot in your 17 (almost 18… WTF) years of being my little brother. While you’re thanking all these people, I’d like to thank you for just being you. Congratulations, Danny.

Love, your big sister, Linsey