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If You Give A Girl A Little Brother…

If you give a girl a little brother, little does she know she was given a best friend for life.

When you give her this best friend, she will probably notice that she has a new purpose in life. Once she notices, she will realize that her once tedious life has just become interesting.

Then, she’ll teach him “the right ways” to do everything. She will be by his side for everything, and will be his number one fan. When she acts as his number one fan, she might notice that he gets a bit embarrassed. So she’ll embarrass him some more.

When she’s finished embarrassing him, she’ll bring him on a shopping spree to make him look fashionable. She will find an adorable flannel shirt, but he is much more interested in a Star Wars graphic tee. He will start making the “puppy dog face” and win her heart over. So she will put the flannel back on the shelf, and purchase the T-shirt.

When the shopping is done, she’ll decide that it’s time for a coffee. She’ll have to drive to the coffee shop that has the “cookie drink” because that’s his favorite. She will get him the “cookie drink”, he’ll take a few sips, eat the whipped cream, and then throw it away. She will realize that she just wasted $5, but she should have known. He is a little brother after all.

After the coffee date, she will remember that she leaves for college in two days. She will bring him along to pick out her school supplies. She keeps telling him that she will miss him, but she can tell that he doesn’t quite understand.

After getting the basic school supplies, she will drive to Build-A-Bear. She will tell him that they are going to make “college friendship bears” so that they always have a piece of each other while they are apart. He chooses to make Finding Nemo bears. He makes “Nemo” and she makes “Dory”.

The next day she will take him to the nearby park. On the way to the park, she will blast the “Happy” song because hearing him sing it is one of her favorite things.

When she arrives at the park, he will jump out of the car and beg her to play tag with him. She will give in and ten minutes later wish she hadn’t because she will be gasping for air while lying on the grass.

After being physically drained from the park, she will drive home and lay in her bed. Five minutes later, he will barge in her room demanding that she play Minecraft with him. She would much rather take a nap, but she remembers that she leaves for college tomorrow.

After playing Minecraft, she makes popcorn, builds a fort, and he decides that they need to watch a movie. About an hour later he will finally decide that he wants to watch Lego Batman even though he has seen it 1,000 times already. So they do.

College move-in day comes, and everything is moved into her new room for the year. He will look up at her and say, “I will miss you. When will you come home?”

When he says that, tears will form in her eyes and she will look back at him and say, “Soon. Don’t worry, I will look for every single excuse to come home and see you, but for now we have all of our fun memories that we made to think about.”

She will start college. Well into her second week, she will be sitting at her desk doing homework. Doing homework will remind her that she forgot her favorite pen at home. So…she will go all the way home to get this pen.

And chances are if she goes home to get her favorite pen, she’s going to want to spend the whole weekend with her best friend. So she will.

Hey, I'm Corbyn Jenkins! I am a Junior at Gustavus Adolphus College majoring in English & minoring in Film & Media Studies. In my free time I enjoy art, photography, exploring, going to concerts, and spending time with my friends and family.
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