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How to Support your Friends Behind the Scenes

We all like to be in the spotlight every now and then. We want the attention that we feel we have worked hard to earn, and I think that is a reasonable thing to want. We, as humans, just want to be recognized in those moments of reward. However, those moments are not always ours. Our friends and family need our support too, which is why I think it’s so important to always be supporting your friends behind the scenes.

When our friends are busy working hard on something, one simple thing you can do to support them is to make sure they have eaten. When my best friend is pushing through the long hours of rehearsals that come with being in a theatre production, I make sure to bring her food and coffee at least once a day. These are times when she might not have otherwise found a time to eat, and it’s one little thing I can do to show that I support her goals.

Another thing you can do is to always offer good advice. Our friends’ opinions matter to us, so giving your closest pals the best advice you have shows your support for what they are trying to figure out. It may be just a few words to you, but to your friends it is something they are going to take to heart. Always give the best advice when you can, and ask if there’s anything else you can do as they work through their issue.

Finally, being a good friend takes compromise sometimes. Sometimes, I support my friends just by understanding that they might be too busy to hang out that day. College is such a crazy time, so just recognizing that they would like to spend time with you but can not right now, actually can be helpful. 

Our friends mean the world to us, so supporting them is incredibly important. If you continue to support your friends behind the scenes, they will continue to support you. Whether it’s hard or easy for you to be out of the spotlight, it will be worth it when your time comes, and for now your friends will appreciate your unseen support.

Marie Osuna

Gustavus '21

Always drinking coffee and writing.
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