"Gustie Mom" Advice: How to Make the Most of College

As I prepared to spend my first year at Gustavus, I never knew how constantly busy I would be. From classes and marathon study sessions in the library, to making time to binge watch every episode of Grey’s Anatomy with my friends or just have a little me time, life is a whirlwind. Things usually go smoothly, but there are often times when I find I need some advice about how to make the most out of these four years at GAC. I think everyone, myself included, has gone through a period of time where we just need a little reassurance about why we’re here and what we are striving to do as Gusties. We are blessed here at Gustavus to have so many great women on campus who we can look to for advice when we need it. Here is some of the advice I collected from our “Gustie Moms,” from them to all of you!

What piece of advice would you give to Gustie women as they go through college life?

Professor Rebecca Fremo

“Understand the meaning of work in your life, and understand the meaning of family.  Then try to be honest with your family about how much your work matters to you, and with your colleagues about how much your family needs you. But don't use either as an excuse:  you are making choices every day, every minute.  Be vocal and advocate for a workplace that's humane; be vocal and explain to your family why your work makes you a whole human being.  Prepare for hard choices.  Celebrate the victories when they come.  And when you can't be all things to all people, accept that you are only human.”

Chaplin Siri Erickson

“College is a time to find out what you love, discover your talents, and learn from people who are different from you. Take ownership of this time and learn to be independent and interdependent. Don’t just go with the flow or do what other people want you to do. Also, go to as many lectures and concerts and plays and cultural events as possible.”

Professor Kiki Harbitz

“Take care of yourself and don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it.  The most important person in your life is you. In order to be at your best, you can’t ignore your needs. If you need help, be it with course work or your emotional state, don’t be afraid to ask. Take advantage of the resources available to you. Your peers and your professors/college staff really care about you. Smile and enjoy each day. Life is just too short not to.”

Director of Campus Activities, Andrea Junso  

“Believe in yourself and be true to yourself. Get involved and find your niche.  When you are able to find your corner of the college to connect to you feel so much more invested in the success of the school and part of the community. Do not make drinking a regular activity.  Go out and have fun but don’t make it your identity. You  are never going to look back and say dang, I am glad I drank 3-4 nights a week. ”

Professor, Amanda Nienow

“To be confident. If there’s a way to instill that confidence in yourself do it, because I think that if you have that, then you are willing to go out and ask the questions you need to ask and get the resources you need. Gustavus has a lot of resources on campus. Ask questions about study abroad, internships, and career fairs. Use your resources and have confidence in yourself.”

From all the Gustie Moms on campus and from all of us here at Her Campus Gustavus; remember to believe in yourself, work hard, and live your life with love. You are capable, strong, and beautiful and the only limitations you set on your college experience are the ones you impose yourself.  

Good luck during finals and stay fabulous! HCXO!