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Fun Slang to Bring Back to Conversations

In “A Piece of Action,” a Star Trek episode where Kirk and Spock land on a planet inspired by 1920s Chicago gangs, the two Starfleet members bumble their way through driving manual cars and adopting the plant’s vernacular. I find this amusing. One one hand, the episode hams up the idiosyncrasies of 1920s speech. On the other, 1960s slang receives the same treatment.

While old slang is certainly amusing, I think there is a place for it today. It provides a bit of comedy into daily interactions and – if you are concerned about this kind of thing – provides an alternative to swearing.

Here are a few words and phrases (old and new) to get you started:

A gas : a fun time

Bee’s Knees : Something good or pleasing

Bookin’ it : Going fast

Cat’s Pajamas : Something good or pleasing

Earthbound : reliable

Groovy : fashionable; excellent

Hayburner : a car with bad gas-mileage

Holy Buckets! : Expression of surprise

Know your onions : Know what is happening

Lighting up the tilt sign : Not telling the truth

Snap your cap : get angry

What’s buzzin’, cousin? : What’s up?

You smelling what I’m stepping in? : Do you understand what I’m staying

Now go confound your friends!

I am a sophomore at Gustavus Adolphus College, majoring in English. I enjoy reading, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends.
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