Five Things to do to Get you Into the Summer Spirit

As graduation season starts, many collegiates find themselves still trapped away in finals seasons while their high school friends return to parents’ nests full of home cooked meals and their own room without the accompanying roommate. While it can be frustrating to view Sarah and Stephanie partying it up in your home town via Snapchat, never fear. There are still plenty of things to do to transition into the summery months.

1. Study out doors

As the summer begins, oftentimes students find themselves released from the prison of classrooms and released to summer rays a little too quickly. This year, ease your way into the summer shine to get a gradual glow instead going from your natural winter tone to straight-on burn. Read here for Medical Daily’s tips on how to tan safely.

2. Stock up on summer necessities

While reading summer romances in between classes, it is easy to focus on the prospects of summer lovin’ and not so much summer heat! This year grab a pack of hair ties on your pre-summer Target run so to keep your hair off your neck on your first beach date, or some sunblock way before you hit the boardwalk with a new cutie.

3. Contact your favorite profs

One of the best things to do before the end of the school year is to chat up your favorite profs. Ask for a good book recommendation or a happenin’ upcoming event pertaining to your major so you’ll have a way to reconnect once again once the leaves start to fall.

4. Save your wallet

One of the best things about still being in school during the beginning of the summer months is that once you’re off the school clock and ready to shop for the perfect summer outfit, summer clothes have been out for awhile. Once school is out, hit up the clearance sections to find the new summer styles for half the price. Even when online shopping, be sure to hit that clearance tab!

5. Start eating healthy

While you already have your beach bod—all you need to do is put your body on the beach—the summer months are a great time to start eating healthy, even when you’re still at school, because it is growing season for a plethora of fruits and vegetables, such as corn, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and beets. Because it’s growing season, these fruits and vegetables will be in abundance and be so much cheaper! Use app LoseIt to track what you’re eating, or GoodGuide to find out what is in your food!