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Five Reasons You Should Have a Fish in your Dorm

My closest friends know how much I care about my pet fish. I have had several beta fish in the past, and I always manage to keep them alive for quite awhile. I even have a happy blue beta (lovingly named F. Scott Fishgerald) swimming around in a tank on my dorm room desk. I believe that having him there makes me happier, so here are five reasons you should get a pet fish for your room, too.

1. They provide a sense of companionship. Although you can’t cuddle a fish, they are still there for you at all times. When I’m struggling with homework, I can look up and see Fishgerald happily swimming around his tank, and it helps me feel not so alone. Fish even have personalities, so on some level you can get to know what they are like just by watching them when you need a little brain break. And yes‒- sometimes I talk to my fish!

2. Beta fish bring a splash of color (no pun intended) into your dorm. With the colors of these fish ranging from deep blues to reds and so many colors in between, getting a fish will help brighten up a place in your room.

3. They have a low maintenance cost. After purchasing the fish and the tank, you really don’t need much else. You will need to purchase food, but one little bottle goes a very long way. Since betas only eat a small pinch of food each day, you really only need one bottle of food for their lifetime.

4. Fish provide a daily smile. I feed my fish every day after I get back to my room from class, and it always makes me smile. My fish gets really excited when I’m about to feed him, and starts swimming in fast circles around his tank. It makes me happy every time.

5. They are actually allowed in dorms! Getting approved to have a larger pet (such as a cat or dog) in your dorm is a major hassle. If you’re really itching to have a pet in your room, but don’t want to go through a million steps to get one, consider getting a fish instead. Mine certainly makes me very happy.

Marie Osuna

Gustavus '21

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